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Almost every gay man you meet, will tell you that he has at one time in his life thought about, or tried to kill himself. It's not a pity thing, it's not an attention thing. It's the only way out. It's never in the moments when you're with you real friends. The friends that you never needed to say 'I'm gay" to. Those moments are beautiful. Being surrounded by love and light and laughter and knowing on some core level. On some deep and real level, that you are loved and accepted. No it isn't in those moments. It's the other moments. The moments that make up roughly 90% of your adolescences. And those moments, where you've been degraded, or threatened, or beaten, or left for broken by some bigot and all that they stand for. The problem is that many many gay youths. Not think about those people that love them, the people that knew, or know, or don't care. They just hear the hate and the belittling and the evil, and it crushes them. I've been crushed. I've been buried under the rubble of other peoples intolerance and the awful words and ideals they're spewing. And in the darkest moments under that rubble, I've done and said things I regret. I've lost people because i forced them out to protect myself, and I've lost people because i was too buried to save them, or to buried to see they were trying to save me.

Over the last 3 days the internet, news and magazines have been boiling over with stories of the gay man at Rutgers, and the 13 year old boy on life support (May they both R.I.P) and today, a story of a little girl beaten by a man because she was carrying a pride flag. When is enough, enough. At what point are we as a society not just the LGBT community or the democrats or the republicans but we as a people, going to realize that it is time to stop. It is time to truly take on this "zero tolerance" policy the country's been swearing by since columbine over a decade ago. So they interviewed the kids that caused that 13 year old boy to hang himself, and they said "we didn't know words could be that serious" So teach them. Put them in Juvie for a few days, or send them to a therapist or a counselor who c an truly teach them. Just saying "Oh they get it now" no they don't. That boys life is over. His family's lives are ruined and left to pick up the pieces. And all that's being done is nothing.

Look at the last 4 years of articles on similar situation 8 young boys between the ages of 6-14 are dead of Murder. News outlets may cry suicide, but it's not by their own hands. It's by the hands of the countless other children who ridiculed, who abused and humilated them to the point of being unable to ask for any more help. None was doing everything. In every story, a mother wrecked from grief tells the same story "i went to the school, the principals and the teachers" and in each story, those people did nothing. They never punished the children they cried "children will be children and they'll grow out it" Well they don't, those two twenties at Rutgers, who filmed a gay student having sex a man, and posted it online. Causing his humiliation and suicide, clearly hadn't learned better, or grown out of it. And now they've ruined a families life, caused the suicide of a young man and are most likely going to be tried and lose their own lives to jail time. And i feel bad for them, because it could've been avoided if someone, anyone would've taught them better. And it's not just the parents and the schools. it's our celebrities and politicians
This week alone Ann Coulter asked why gays refereed to marriage as a civil right when "What do you mean it's a civil right, you're not black" And if that's not offensive enough, as someone who reaches millions in the government and the world, we have rappers like 50 cent who could use his influence on entire culture of young men and women to preach tolerance and love. is instead saying that any man over 25 that's gay should kill themselves. How can i compare the statements, they are aimed at different groups and they are saying two very clear and different things, but they are both laced with ignorance and hate. Both of which are now being passed down the fan base of these two. Thanks to facebook and twitter and the internet as a whole, over a million people heard those statements in under 30 seconds. More than half of those people, will agree with the statements and more hate is born, and then passed on.

What is the point of all this, why am writing this. So what some kids died, and some "celebrities" have said some awful things and we have war, and genocide and women being raped against their will in africa and all of these problems that need to be solved all over, so why this. Why am i harping on a localized issue because I've been bullied and am Bullied all the time, I was bullied my whole young adult life, I survived being bullied , being beat up, being made a public target. Having things thrown at me, strangers yelling FAG at me on a crowded street. Why did I survive? Because I am loved, Because i've known my whole life, and my family has known and my friends have known and i've been accepted.

So I am choosing, right now to fight. A war is being waged against kids who don't have the unconditional love that i have, and those kids need unconditional love back. So let's fight. Don't sit back and let the people spewing hate win. By not talking, by not acting, by not showing your outrage and boycotting places like Target and Best Buy who are donating money to Anti Gay Candidates. If we don't step up and do something, or say something we are letting these people and these multi million dollar corporates tell our communities that we are not full people, and we are full people. And standing idly by while we are degraded is like dying of a million tiny paper cuts and I am NOT going out like that. and you are all free to disagree with me, But i hope you don't, i hope you agree and take this plea for action to hate.

I have chosen to stay and fight. What about you?


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